“When I learned about Jatagan Security’s Mobile Guard, I knew that I wanted one on my job. We are building a project for Regional Transit. On my last project, we had theft and vandalism losses that cost us over $200K and weeks of production. Jatagan’s service is much more economical than live security guards and since bringing a Mobile Guard unit on my site, I have had no losses.”

Gregory A. Lutes, Superintendent, Mitchel Engineering

“We have a large high school project in a challenging neighborhood, which has 50 acres, with 6 large buildings and our office trailers. We grew from just one Jatagan surveillance unit to a peak of 5 units as the job progressed. We were able to scale back when the security needs reduced. This helped tremendously with our budget! Throughout the project, Jatagan was very responsive to our needs. On one occasion, we were able to work with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office and Jatagan to conduct a successful sting operation. Several thieves were driven away by Jatagan’s siren and lights, the Sheriffs were immediately notified by Jatagan, and the criminals were apprehended.”

Andy Brophy, Senior Project Manager, Roebbelen Construction

“Even with security guards, my job site was hit almost every week. After we replaced the guards with Jatagan’s security trailers, nothing has been stolen or vandalized. Their ability to deter and stop crime is amazing! This is a security service that really works!”

Mike Meleski, Superintendent, William Lyon Homes

“Vandalism and theft have always been a costly problem for us. Since we are often the first contractor on a site, there are seldom any power sources available, so Jatagan’s Solar Mobile Guard units work great for us. These units protect our assets at even the most remote locations. We are very happy with Jatagan’s services.”

Harjiwan Chatha, Project Manager, Teichert Construction

“We are very happy with Jatagan’s excellent service. They watch our site very closely. One guy tried to steal plumbing fittings from our site and ignored the warning siren, Jatagan called the police. The suspect was arrested, caught “red-handed” by Lincoln Police, and the materials he stole from the other job sites were also recovered. Very effective security service!”

Victor Perry, Assistant Superintendent, Standard Pacific Homes

“We have a good size storage yard to support our projects near the Airport. We replaced our security guards with Jatagan’s surveillance service to reduce our costs. It has been working very well. Our neighbors have been hit repeatedly with serious theft problems, but we have no incidence at all at our facility. Jatagan’s competitor approached us to switch service, but we told them that we are in very good hands, and we don’t want to be hit.”

Peter Allen, Project Superintendent, Granite Construction Company

“We don’t often have the satisfaction of seeing a criminal prosecuted and convicted of theft or vandalism from our projects. Thanks to Jatagan Security, we had that experience at one of our sites in Folsom. The District Attorney told us that without the video from Jatagan, the bad guy would have probably gone free. Thank you Jatagan!”

J.R. Jamerson, Area Manager, Beazer Homes

“We had quite a number of theft and vandalism problems at our project for the Department of Motor Vehicle. After we put Jatagan’s security service on the site, we’ve not encountered any more problems since then. Jatagan’s service is affordable and very effective as well.”

Joe Sutton, Superintendent, Aberdeen Burris Contractors

“One of our sites encountered significant issues on theft. We started off using guards, but Jatagan’s service is much cheaper and more effective. Our site is now very quiet and has no problems. For areas that really need security service, I recommend Jatagan over guards. They watch our site extremely well, and their deterrent effect is enormous.”

Nic Hatchel, Superintendent, Dunmore Communities

“We brought Jatagan in for our shopping center project in San Ramon. The owners were particularly concerned with protecting the MCCs and fixtures. We were very pleased with Jatagan’s results. During the time Jatagan was securing our site, we had no losses due to theft or vandalism. I will definitely use their services again on my next project.”

Steve Grove, Project Manager, Reeve-Knight Construction Inc.

“Our pump station project has been hit repeatedly and we have suffered significant losses. After we installed Jatagan’s surveillance unit, the problems stopped! I am particularly impressed with their power management system. If the power is off, they know immediately; furthermore, their system can run for days without line power!”

Terry Crow, Project Manager, Kaweah Construction Company

“Jatagan Security has been a great help in cutting our costs due to theft. When you are in the framing business, you are very vulnerable to thieves stealing your lumber. One job site in particular, we were suffering losses due to theft on a regular basis. Then we had Jatagan Security setup their security trailers on that site. The results were immediate and dramatic. Jatagan Security’s trailer caught the thieves and their vehicle on their digital cameras. Word quickly spread throughout the jobsite that Jatagan Security’s trailers see all and capture all on their digital cameras. All the smart thieves will look to other jobsites for easier pickings. Any stupid thieves that remain will soon be famous, on Jatagan Security’s digital cameras. Thanks Jatagan Security for helping to cut my costs due to theft!”

Rich Loges, Director of Operations, Justin Framing Inc.

“We used Jatagan on one of our Wal-Mart construction sites. Their service is excellent! Good communication is important to us; Jatagan’s staff provides us with good reports of incidents so we know what happened to our site after-hours. I intend to use them again on future projects.”

Matt Skyrud, Superintendent, S.D. Deacon Corp. of California

“Let this note stand as my unsolicited recommendation of and commendation for the services provided by Jatagan Security and all of their personnel. Leading up to my community switching to Jatagan Security, my existing security company had actual foot patrol duties. In spite of this physical presence, I still had two homes worth of cabinets and one home worth of appliances stolen. Worse yet, my old security company refused to take accountability for these theft issues. They also covered their mistakes with false sets of reports.


As a company, we decided to bring Jatagan Security in to actively monitor my site. I cannot emphasize enough the strong confidence I have in every single aspect of their company since that initial meeting. From the gentleman who came to plan a coverage area, to the unit installer who professionally and competently activated our cameras, to each and every monitor that called me when activity was noted, to the office personnel who quickly coordinated a needed move of power supply for the camera; not a single interaction has been dissatisfactory. I would like to single out the contributions of one particular monitoring agent, Jerrid. He has given my company and my community exactly what we have paid for; an eye in the sky that cares, performs beyond expectations, and does all of it with a professional, friendly demeanor.


Rarely in the construction industry does a single trade partner rate a “10” in every area. Jatagan Security Inc. is that rare company.”

Shayne Garber, Construction Manager, Kimball Hill Homes

“In the past 3 weeks we have had a murder, death threat and several graffiti incidents right across the street. During that time, no one has touched our Cal-Train job site. Jatagan has protected us well.”

Phil Mieszkowski, Project Manager, Mitchell Engineering

“Our project is complete and we are ready to discontinue surveillance. I’m going to miss the absolute peace of mind that you’ve provided for us – you’ve all been so great to work with!”

Tracy Alicaya, Office Manager, Fukui Construction

“Despite our budget reductions I was able to get some funds so we could afford to keep a Jatagan mobile unit. I am fighting tooth and nail to keep the services I think are the most valuable and necessary to save the district money. I know for a fact that the Principal supports 100% the use of your service and our Superintendent now does too. I know without a doubt that is it preventing a lot of vandalism therefore it is saving us a lot of time, money, and aggravation.”

Brian Gruchow, Director, Operations & Maintenance, Roseville Joint Union High School District

“I was extremely impressed with Jatagan’s technology/effectiveness and customer service. I truly appreciate your assistance and only wish that I had brought you on board sooner.”

Michael Baker, Director of Development, Bryant Square, LLC.

“It was a pleasure working with you and your company.  Everyone involved with this project has been thoroughly impressed with the security system and how it worked very well in this very challenging area.  The owner and owners’ rep mentioned they will be recommending your service on every project. Oliver & Co has already referenced this project and your service on our future projects.  I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Mark Van Velzen, Project Manager, Oliver & Company, Inc.