License Plate Capture System

Capturing license plate information is a critical part of surveillance, particularly for making arrests or providing evidence in court. Obtaining license plate images during the daytime is relatively simple. However, at night, the glare from vehicle headlights, and the speed of a fast moving vehicle create major challenges for license plate capture. As a result, most surveillance companies do not provide this capability. At Jatagan, we built our own JS-License Plate Capture System using our patent pending technologies. The pictures on the right were taken under identical conditions with the vehicle traveling at 60 MPH, headlights on, with no ambient light. Note the difference in the ability to read the license plate. This effective system is perfectly integrated into our surveillance systems. The JS-License Plate Capture System can also be fed into automatic character recognition software for access control and identification of hot-listed or unidentified vehicles with automated alerts. It can also function as an automated time clock to track vehicles entering and leaving a premise.