About Us

Jatagan Security offers many cutting edge surveillance technologies that will protect your outdoor property and assets in a most cost effective manner. Jatagan’s expertise in outdoor security surveillance extends far beyond the products and services available in the market today. We provide innovative solutions that can address challenging constraints such as the lack of power, communication lines, or light.

From simple outdoor surveillance needs to the most demanding hostile environments, our commitment to integrity and quality translates into unparalleled services and tremendous customer satisfaction. Surveillance systems and services are not created equal. Jatagan’s advanced systems are deployed and monitored by highly trained professionals. We ensure that each site is properly assessed, installed and guarded by the most appropriate surveillance technologies resulting in maximum performance and effectiveness.

Our R&D department is headed by an MIT trained engineer with a doctorate degree. Since our founding in 2004, we have continued to improve and innovate. Today, we utilize many patented and patent pending technologies. We were:

  • The first to offer complete wireless video monitoring and remote guarding services;
  • The first to offer solar powered systems capable of extended night time surveillance;
  • The first to offer effective long range license plate capture systems for construction sites;
  • The first to use real time, redundant live monitoring systems; with each camera being monitored by two agents in a highly efficient manner.
  • The first to continuously monitor the power and proper functioning of remote surveillance equipment; and
  • The first to develop green technology for solar back-up power, just to name a few.

For the most technologically advanced and cost effective outdoor security services, Jatagan is your best choice.