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Our Strength

Our unique patented Redundant Live Monitoring Systems offer you unparalleled reliability and superior results on protecting your sites. Our remotely activated flashing lights, verbal warnings, and loud sirens can effectively drive intruders away. We have high caliber employees who are carefully chosen, well compensated and highly trained. We have the best technologies, yet the typical cost of our service is less than 20% of a guard, and we are overwhelmingly more effective.

Only Results Count

We are obsessed with delivering outstanding results that you can count on. The following figures are based on our regularly updated statistics during the preceding 12 months:

Avg. Per site Intrusion Attempts:

9.8 Per Month

Crime Prevention Success Rate:

Last Updated 07/01/2024

The Company

Jatagan Security offers many cutting edge surveillance technologies that will protect your property and assets in a most cost effective manner. Jatagan’s expertise in outdoor security surveillance extends far beyond the products and services available in the market today. We provide innovative solutions that can address challenging constraints such as lack of power, communication lines, or light.


The Jatagan Difference

Jatagan focuses on delivering excellent results at competitive prices. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients and do our best to protect your property and assets like our own. We take all assignments, big and small, very seriously and execute them with utmost professionalism. Jatagan's goals are to offer superior products and services, and to earn the highest customer satisfaction. Our many patented technologies deliver greater effectiveness than our competitors. We believe in continuous improvement; the best can still get better!


Intelligent Eyes Providing Peace of MindSM

Products & Services

Mobile Guards

The Mobile Guard is an outdoor, mobile and self-contained video surveillance system that can be set up and put into operation quickly. It can also be relocated easily.


Satellite Guards

Satellite Guards offer a cost effective way to provide greater site coverage; they are connected by wire or wirelessly to a Mobile Guard, Pole Guard or Mounted Guard.


Pole Guards

Both the regular size and mini versions have similar capabilities of the Mobile Guard, but with smaller footprints. The mini version can also be relocated easily.


Solar Power Option

For autonomous power applications, solar power options are available for Mobile Guards, Pole Guards, and Mounted Guards. Certain restrictions may apply such as adequate sun exposure.


Mounted Guards

Mounted Guards have flexible mounting options, which can be on a pole or almost any structure. Their relocations are not as easy but the unit costs are lower if mounting supports are available.


License Plate Capture System

Capturing license plate information can be an important part of surveillance, particularly for making arrest or providing evidence in court.