Mobile Guards

The Mobile Guard is an outdoor, mobile, self-contained video surveillance system that can be set up and put into operation quickly. It is a versatile platform upon which a full range of surveillance equipment can be installed to meet your particular requirements.

The Mobile Guard is designed for maximum visibility and deterrence. In the unlikely event that its intimidating presence is ignored, it is also equipped with audio systems to allow our monitoring center to issue verbal warnings through a high powered PA system. In addition, flashing red lights and a deafening siren can be activated immediately to drive away the suspects and draw attention to the site. Pre-established emergency protocols can be executed such as notifying police and client personnel.

The surroundings of the Mobile Guard are constantly monitored with video, on-site and off-site, and records of the incidents can be archived off-site for an extended duration. We also offer our clients 24-hour password protected remote access of live video monitoring via the Internet anytime, and anywhere. All recordings are done with Digital Watermark Authentication and recorded media can be prepared in compliance with Federal Rules of Evidence 1001(3) and 1001(4) for investigation and prosecution.

Each Mobile Guard is equipped with a JS-Extended Power System™; the industry’s most advanced power management system. Most other mobile surveillance systems do not include any back-up power; the ones that do, just add an off-the-shelf UPS (uninterruptible power supply), which is intended for orderly shutdown of equipment and cannot support extended power interruption. This conventional approach is grossly inadequate for reliable security surveillance needs as power can be accidentally or intentionally cut, and the surveillance system rendered useless. The JS-Extended Power is a proprietary system designed and built by Jatagan. It includes a comprehensive power management scheme and an extended duration backup power system with automated notification of power system status. The modular design of JS-Extended Power allows flexible configurations from many hours to a number of DAYS of continuous operation in the event of line power failure!

The Mobile Guard and Solar Mobile Guard are ideal solutions where temporary or semi-permanent surveillance systems are needed. Their capabilities of rapid deployment, not limited by the constraints of power, communication links, and light, make them highly versatile for most outdoor applications.  These mobile systems can also be easily moved on site, so that they can always be in an optimal location.