The Jatagan Difference

Jatagan focuses on delivering excellent results at competitive prices. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients and do our best to protect your property and assets like our own. We take all assignments, big and small, very seriously and execute them with utmost professionalism. Our goals are to offer superior products and services, and to earn the highest customer satisfaction. We believe in continuous improvement; the best can still get better!

Year after year, you can count on Jatagan to offer you the latest surveillance technologies that are effective for your security and surveillance needs. Building on flexible technology platforms, Jatagan systems are designed with continuous upgrade in mind. Since Jatagan owns the equipment, the headaches associated with rapid technological obsolescence will be borne by Jatagan, not you. We thrive on staying abreast of new technology and do not use equipment that is technically obsolete. By choosing Jatagan, you have chosen the best and the peace of mind that goes with it. The following is a highlight of some additional capabilities that set Jatagan apart from the competition.

Superior Surveillance Technologies

For successful outdoor surveillance, lighting and clear video capture are of great importance. While most of the surveillance systems can perform reasonably well during the daytime, many perform poorly at night, when most intrusions occur. The common solution to nighttime surveillance is to add floodlights, which has only a limited effective distance, and creates significant glare to the surroundings. Jatagan takes a different approach by using super light sensitive cameras. Some of Jatagan’s cameras have a sensitivity rating of 0.0003 lux; which can see in less than a starlight environment (0.001 lux), without the moon, and far better than human eyes.

The super light sensitive cameras allow Jatagan’s systems to perform nighttime surveillance on distant subjects, and without the use of additional lighting for most surveillance assignments. In fact, Jatagan is the first company to offer a mobile general surveillance system without the need for light augmentation at night. All of Jatagan’s color cameras are equipped with advanced DSP (digital signal processing) and light sensitivity amplifier circuitry to provide clear color images even under extreme low light environments. For special surveillance needs, such as ultra long-range thermal detection, passive infrared imaging systems are also available. In addition, we offer active infrared long-range illuminators for use when infrared augmentation is beneficial.

We offer many patented and patent pending technologies that are unmatched by other companies. For example, our patented Redundant Live Monitoring Systems offer extra reliable live monitoring capabilities and delivers superior results. Each camera is monitored by two trained agents in a highly efficient manner. Our clients receive the benefits of better security without paying a higher fee for the service. Our innovation continues to ensure our clients enjoy the best protection available in the industry.

Advanced Communication Capabilities

All Jatagan systems are built to offer a wide range of communication capabilities. Whether it is a client-provided regular broadband access, or Jatagan-provided wireless connections, our systems are ready for operation almost immediately. Although a wide bandwidth link offers more communication options, Jatagan’s systems are optimized with advanced data compression technologies so that all key functions and capabilities are available even with a narrow bandwidth connection. If necessary, Jatagan can provide long-range wireless access to its units at remote locations; up to a 50-mile clear line-of-sight. We can also provide satellite Internet connections to completely isolated sites.

State of the Art System Software

Each Jatagan system is armed with cutting edge software that provides powerful surveillance capabilities. In addition to offering advanced recording, control, and search functions, our systems are equipped with the latest software technologies such as object counting, object search & PTZ camera control that automatically tracks moving objects. Future software advances will also be incorporated into each surveillance system.

Description Competing Systems Jatagan
Real Time, Redundant Live Monitoring No Yes
Visual Deterrence Good Excellent
Daytime Surveillance Good/Excellent * Excellent
Nighttime Surveillance Fair Excellent
Requires Light Augmentation at Night Yes No
Effective Monitoring Range at Night Limited Excellent
Ability to See in Darkness & Poor Weather Poor/Fair * Excellent
Vulnerable to Power Cut-Off Yes No
Automated Notification Of Power Status No Yes
Extended Operation Without Power No Yes
Independent Solar Power Capable of Nighttime Surveillance No Yes
Effective Warning System Yes/No * Yes
Remote Activated Warning/Siren Deterrent System Yes/No * Yes
Perimeter Protection of Surveillance System No Yes
Recordings of Incidents Automatically Transmitted Off-Site for Archiving Yes/No * Yes
License Plate Capture System Yes/No * Yes
Easy Repositioning of Surveillance System On-Site Yes/No * Yes
Advanced Wireless Communication No Yes
Regular Software & System Upgrade Fair/No * Yes
Wide Range of System Component Selection No Yes

*Depending on the particular system.